Recce, short for reconnaissance, refers to the pre-production phase of a film shoot when a production team visits a location to determine its suitability for filming.

Join artist Charlie Cauchi as you embark on a Recce of your very own. Drawing a portrait of this landscape through contrast: dismantling the cinematic depictions in our popular consciousness and revealing what lies beneath. The filmed images we are familiar with are refocused through speech, music and sound, locating the historical significance of these productions. With each footstep, she highlights issues that may have remained buried under the palimpsest of cinematic representation.
Here, the artist lays bare the geographical, topographical, architectural, and aesthetic deceptions, allowing the listener to create a new screen persona. Screen locations remain immortalized in the digital world, enabling us to virtually visit these moving image representations repeatedly with the press of a button. And sometimes, those places once immortalized on screen may have disappeared. An inhabitant of the island herself, the artist is often haunted by traces of the films. In most cases, no physical traces of them have been left behind. Props and sets have long disappeared. But the fantastical and the epic still haunt our mundane every day.